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Ziggy &Ayla

The Batik Bomberjacket

The Batik Bomberjacket

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Our collection of bomber jackets ranges from lightweight, silky jackets made from upcycled satin curtains, perfect for in-between seasons, to cozy, warm lined jackets crafted from repurposed sleeping bags, ensuring you stay warm throughout winter. 

The Batik Bomberjacket

This particular bomberjacket is truly one of a kind. Made from a very rare, high quality cotton Batik sleepingbag. The batik is printed in brown/reddish and creamy colors on a black background.   

Being a sleepingbag in its previous life, it would have gone to waste, as household textiles hardly get re-used. Thanks to our collaboration with A&F trading we are excited to give it a second life in your wardrobe! 

How will it fit you?

  • The bomber jacket reaches to the hip and is 62cm long
  • The sleeves are 82 cm long measured from center back
  • The bomber jacket will fit size range S to L
  • Ayla is 1.70 cm

Care instructions

To keep your Bomber jacket in the best condition, we advise treating it with a lot of TLC. If you need to refresh it, consider placing it in the freezer or hanging it outside for a natural rejuvenation. For regular cleaning, we recommend a gentle cycle in the washing machine at 20-40 degrees. Afterward, simply line dry or lay it flat to dry. These care steps will help preserve the fabric of your Bomber jacket, ensuring it remains a cherished part of your wardrobe. 

Not exactly what you were looking for?

Do not worry! Browse our other bomber jackets here, check out our collection or make an appointment to discuss your wishes in our Amsterdam atelier.

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