In alignment with our vision to share our circular viewpoint and fostering awareness, education and inspiration, we proudly collaborate with various disciplines, initiatives and companies. 

For instance, we bring costumes from recycled textiles to the stage, creating an innovative and sustainable impact on theater shows. Usually these shows run just for a few months, after which costumes are often stored away or discarded.

Similarly, our customized clothing collection for musicians is giving them the opportunity to curate different outfits, allowing them to match their outfit to factors like the venue, the weather and their music.These projects are a broader expression of our circular textile mission, and an extension of our tailor-made collection. Collaborations can lead to the design of a single garment, a full collection of costumes or a circular product. We invite you to reach out, and explore the possibilities for a collaboration, and join forces with us on our circular mission.


Dadodans creates associative, intimate and stimulating multidisciplinary dance performances for young children. 

NaCHT (2023)

Together with scenographer Marjolijn Brouwer (@ME_Brouwer) we brought playful, circular costumes interacting with light in various ways made from recycled household textiles. NaCHT is a magical journey through the night, with strong images, sound and dance.

The show was nominated for ‘De Jonge Zwanen 2023’

KoKERS (2023)

For the reproduction of this show the starting point for the costumes was recycling the original costumes from 2016 and the silhouette of the carton tubes. KoKERS is a visual dance performance about playing, challenging and being there for each other, with tubes and dance.

Dudok Quartet

The Dudok Quartet is a classical string quartet that asks itself again and again, 'What is this music? What is the world behind the notes we play?' This question is what drives them to dive deeper and deeper into the music. Without losing sight of their string quartet tradition, they are always looking for new forms and new angles. They show and hear that the music they play is neither old nor new, but always contemporary.

They also want to radiate this with their clothing when they perform. In 2018, they asked, then on their own, &AYLA to design their concert wear. It had to be refreshing, young, cool and at the same time appropriate for classical concert halls. This led to contemporary 2-piece suits with statement legs, the waist accentuated and each musician their own color.

In 2023, they returned with the request to design new outfits, preferably using the paintings of painter friend Linda Overzee. Ziggy &Ayla, now a circular design duo, came up with the idea for a modular collection. First, small adjustments were made to the first outfits so that they fit perfectly again. The new designs complemented these, both in color and silhouette. All the outfits can be combined with each other so that the musicians can adjust their outfits according to the venue, the weather and the music.

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