Ziggy &Ayla

Ziggy &Ayla is a sustainable fashion brand dedicated to reshaping the fashion industry into a sustainable and circular force. Our vision is to share our perspective with you, encouraging awareness, education, and inspiration, while providing alternative choices. We are driven by a mission to redefine the worth of textiles.

Founded by Indi and Ayla, we have a deep love for fashion, but we've chosen to tread our own path, one that excludes new textiles. Our journey began when we opened our eyes after spending years in the confines of fashion company offices. What we saw was a relentless cycle of waste production, mounting guilt, and a growing sense of hopelessness. The constant pursuit of cheaper and more only left us feeling disheartened. We realized that this couldn't continue, so we simply stopped.

However, our love for textiles, the art of creation, and the tactile sensation of working with fabrics never waned. We missed the excitement of seeing a design come to life and hang on a hanger. But our approach had transformed. No longer were we churning out endless collections destined for the dusty corners of closets or charity bins. Instead, we began crafting garments with a meaningful story, garments that had embarked on journeys and were created especially for you.

Our commitment is to transform the fashion industry into a circular and sustainable system. We aim to open your eyes to our vision, to educate, inspire, and provide alternatives. Our purpose is to restore value to textiles and we say ‘yes’ to slow fashion, circular fashion, and the art of craftsmanship.

Slow Fashion

Slow fashion is a holistic approach that centers around sustainable values, putting people, the environment, and animals at the forefront. It's a sharp departure from the fast fashion culture, and it champions local artisans and eco-conscious materials, championing the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and the planet.

That’s why we say ‘yes’ to slow fashion. We're committed to creating garments that last, designed not to be discarded but cherished for years to come. Our approach to clothing is rooted in healing, not harming the environment in which it's created. Focusing on upcycling discarded fabrics, breathing new life into them as brand-new garments.

Our ideology is personal; we love to work hand-in-hand with clients to craft bespoke pieces that are uniquely theirs, from the choice of fabric to the fit and design, making every garment a perfect match. We prioritize personal connections and collaborations over impersonal, transactional business dealings.

In the spirit of slow fashion, we encourage everyone to engage in conscious consumption – swap, lend, share, and repair your clothes instead of tossing them away. It's our pleasure to inspire and share knowledge about these values. In a world where fast fashion prevails, we proudly stand for stability, fostering lasting relationships with our customers and partners as we collectively tread the path of slow fashion.

If you’re inspired, we invite you to follow The Slow Fashion Movement. 

Circular Fashion

Circular fashion is a radically different system from the traditional way we make clothing. The current linear system relies on new materials, produces often of poor quality, which can't be recycled and end up as trash. This linear fashion industry significantly contributes to climate problems through waste, pollution, and resource depletion.

In contrast, circular fashion reimagines clothing. It's all about creating garments built to last, designed for recycling, and using recycled or renewable materials. This means less waste, less harm to the environment, and fashion with a conscience.

That’s why we say ‘yes’ to circular fashion with open arms. We've discovered a fantastic source of fabrics in discarded household textiles that would otherwise be incinerated. These materials, set aside as waste, hide some of the most beautiful fabrics. We transform this "waste" into timeless, high-quality garments that endure. To secure that endurance our atelier is always open to our customers for alterations and repairs.

We're also committed to minimizing production waste. Our small fabric scraps find new life either in house: we create patchwork items and accessories. Or we give them away to a second party such as a sewing café that teaches sewing with our waste or a talented textile artist turns our remnants into remarkable works of art.

Circular fashion is our way of making timeless, eco-conscious clothing that's good for you and the planet.

If you want to read more about circular fashion and circularity we recommend you tho check out the Ellen MacArthur foundation and The Sustainable Fashion Forum.

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