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The Dress - Tailor-Made

The Dress - Tailor-Made

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The Dress

To start a tailor-made journey, simply book an appointment with us at our atelier. We have a selection of linen on stock, or you could bring in your own. Crafting a dress becomes a collaborative experience between you and our team. 

Being bed linen in its previous life, it would have gone to waste, as household textiles hardly get re-used. We’re committed to sustainability, and thanks to our collaboration with A&F trading we are excited to give it a second life in your wardrobe! 

How will it fit you?

A tailor-made dress is adjusted to your body proportions and wishes.

Care instructions

To keep your Dress in the best condition, we advise treating it with a lot of TLC. If you need to refresh it, consider placing it in the freezer or hanging it outside for a natural rejuvenation. For regular cleaning, we recommend a gentle cycle in the washing machine at 20-40 degrees. Afterward, simply line dry or lay it flat to dry. These care steps will help preserve the fabric of your Dress, ensuring it remains a cherished part of your wardrobe.

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